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Dow Plunges To Its Worst Drop Since February

A French start-up communication company is interested in buying a huge chunk of T-Mobile, Target hires an outsider to be its CEO,the number of applications for jobless claims increased last week and layoffs increased this month. Jen Ursillo has these stories and more.

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T-Mobile Has Another Suitor

French Telecom Iliad has made an offer to acquire T-Mobile; Exxon Mobil beats expectations with its latest earnings; Job cuts are coming to Apple; Mike Weinstein has those stories and more.

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Nigeria : les femmes, nouvelle arme de Boko Haram

En l’espace de quelques jours, pas moins de quatre attentats suicides survenus dans le nord du pays ont été perpétrés par des femmes. Certains craignent que les lycéennes enlevées en avril ne soient endoctrinées par la secte islamiste afin de suivre le même chemin.

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Crime and punishment: Stuffed

“PRISON works,” declared Michael Howard, then the Conservative home secretary, in 1993—and few politicians from any party have dared to argue with him. As sentences have gradually ratcheted up, England and Wales have acquired the largest prison population in western Europe. The ratio of prisoners to violent crimes is now four times what it was in the mid-1990s. Ken Clarke, another Conservative, tried to reverse the trend; he was roundly attacked (including by Mr Howard, from retirement) and was turfed out of his job in 2012.At 149 per 100,000, the incarceration rate in England and Wales is still way below America’s 707, but it is far greater than Germany’s 78 and the Netherlands’ 75. Successive governments have failed to build capacity to accommodate Her Majesty’s proliferating guests, so English and Welsh prisons are stuffed, and conditions are worsening (see article). Some are at more than 180% of their official capacity. Inspectors catalogue multiple failings—filthy cells, widespread…

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