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L’Écosse rejette l’indépendance

VIDÉOS - Avec une participation massive au scrutin, les Écossais ont majoritairement rejeté l’indépendance de leur pays par 55% contre 45% des voix.

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Flying High

The Improbable Rise of the Gulf Airlines
Jim Krane

The Persian Gulf’s state-owned airlines are already major global brands associated with hospitality, convenience, and safety. And even as conflicts rage nearby, they’re still ascending. Their arrival has been to the airline business — and could be to regional politics — what the dreadnought battleship was to naval supremacy: a game changer.

“Shiraz or Chardonnay?” the stewardess asked, brandishing a bottle of each. Our London-bound Emirates Airline flight had recently left Dubai. I glanced out the window and noted a sprawling city amid the jagged landscape below. The seat back map told me we were flying over Shiraz, Iran. 

“Shiraz, please,” I responded, in sympathy for those inhabiting the city below, not many of whom were being offered a similar choice.

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